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Subject Re: Dynamically creating datasources
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 19:43:12 GMT
Hmm, let me try again.
The general idea is that the application itself will be deployed with one 
configured datasource. That datasource will provide database connections 
to a central "directory DB" of sorts. If the application is ever shutdown 
or restarted, this should be the only datasource that is immediately 
available. I would like any/all access to this "directory DB" to be 
managed by Geronimo (connection pooling, transactions, etc).

Part of the application behavior is to add/remove named "data DBs". This 
will be done by persisting connection information for these "data DBs" 
into said "directory DB". Application behavior also includes the ability 
to make connections to these "data DBs" and using them. I would like 
any/all access to these "data DBs" to be done via dynamically created 
datasources that are managed by Geronimo (connection pooling, 
transactions, etc). I would then access these datasources via any 
available mechanism (ex. JNDI).

I'd like to be able to handle my connection pooling/management via 
Geronimo without having to do something that requires manual intervention. 
For example, every time I create a new "data DB", I don't want to have to 
manually go into the Geronimo UI to create a new datasource. I also want 
to ensure that the connection information is not persisted inside Geronimo 
configurations at shutdown, because the connection information in my 
"directory DB" is subject to change outside of my application. I want the 
"directory DB" to be the configuration master. I want to 
view/manage/monitor the "data DB" pools from Geronimo. I just don't want 
it saving all of my info on module shutdown.

All code is deployed once. There will be no runtime deployment of new code 
to go with the new databases, per se.

Does that make more sense?

Jimmy Wan
Senior Technical Lead
21st Century Technologies, Inc.
4515 Seton Center Parkway Suite 320
Austin, TX 78759

Phone: 512-342-0010 x249
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David Jencks <> wrote on 06/26/2006 11:14:33:

> On Jun 26, 2006, at 5:24 AM, wrote:
> Why don't you dynamically programmatically create something like an 
>  org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource 
> and then just cache the instance of that in a Map for use whenever 
> you need it. That way your code is app server indpendent. 
> That would be app server independent, but it would also preclude any
> container managed transaction features such as use of 
> UserTransaction or CMT ejbs.  If you don't need any features like 
> these this might well be your simplest solution.
> There is no way to bind any such datasource into the java:comp jndi 
> namespace and as the contents of this namespace are specified by the
> j2ee spec this is not likely to change.
> Can you specify a bit more fully when the configuration info in the 
> database is available, when it changes related to when the app is 
> deployed/started/stopped, and how you want your program to get the 
> reference to the datasources?
> thanks
> david jencks
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