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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 repository?
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2006 13:40:53 GMT
On 6/11/06, Stefan Arentz <> wrote:
> On a Maven 2
> pom is used to build the example Quart Deployer. It references a bunch
> of dependencies that I cannot find anywhere in the usual Maven 2
> repositories. Also, Geronimo builds with Maven 1, so where did these
> artifacts come from? Or were they simply added to the local repository
> manually?

I must confess, I copied the Geronimo libs from my Maven 1 repo to my
Maven 2 repo manually.  We're in the process of converting the build
to Maven 2 for the next release, but it won't help you for 1.1.

If you wanted to automate this, you could use a couple Geronimo
classes -- create a Maven1Repository for ~/.maven/repository and a
Maven2Repository for ~/.m2/repository and copy the files from one to
another.  The PluginRepositoryExporter does something similar to this
(though it normally writes to a new location instead).


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