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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Oracle XA Driver in Console (via Plugin)
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 17:48:18 GMT
Here's an attempt to do two things:
 - demonstrate plugins in action
 - provide easier access to the Oracle XA driver

This will only work on 1.1, specifically or a future
1.1 build, and you'll need the full J2EE distribution because Little G
does not include the console.

If you install the plugin called "Oracle XA Driver for Console
(Jetty/Tomcat)" then you'll get an Oracle XA (Test) entry in the
console database pool database list.  You'll also need to put an
Oracle JDBC driver into the Geronimo repository (e.g. Oracle JDBC
9.0.5 for Java 1.4), since we can't redistribute the Oracle JDBC
drivers, but the plugin will install the TranQL connector for you and
make the configuration screen available.

There's still the issue that the TranQL Oracle XA connector RAR does
not include any documentation on the settings it uses, and there are a
lot of them, so I'm not sure how you'll need to configure it, but
hopefully someone here knows.  :)


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