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From "Nirav Mehta" <>
Subject Re: A deployable object
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 16:40:17 GMT
Hi Aaron,

Great answer, that clarifies a lot for me.

Though I am not a hard-core programmer, I have a framework in mind. What I
want to do is something like the following:

My application archives will have a custom configuration XML in the WEB-INF
directory. There applications be accessed via a URL
http://<host>/myapps/<application>. For such requests I can implement a
filter which will read the config XML in them and create a request wrapper
with the information. This request will then be dispatched to the requested
application to use and give a corresponding output.

What I then plan to do is give a facility for administrators to make
templates for executing these applications by putting their own values in
the configurable parameters given in the application. Then call the
templates, by which not the new parameters will be read, the request wrapper
created and the application called using this wrapper.

This way my applications are reconfigurable. There can be many templated
based on the same on the same basic application to give different ouputs
based on the values configured in the templates.

This is the type of framework that I want to make. Problem is, I have only
just started working on core j2ee and have no clue of how to implement it. I
know that such frameworks have already been implemented in the past, but I
want to still make one for the sake of learning.

I have been reading the Sun blueprints which are really helpful. Please
suggest some material that I can refer for such an implementation.


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