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From "Nirav Mehta" <>
Subject A deployable object
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:50:42 GMT
I my quest to understand J2EE and its possibilities, I went through many
docs but couldn't find answers to some basic concepts. I know these
questions don't look very good on the "geronimo" group, but I did not get
many answers in other places. Please answer these:

1. What is termed as a deployable object? Is it an archive i.e. a WAR, EAR,
etc. Or something that comes to being after deployment of an archive?
2. Can I create my own archive type?
3. Can I access some resource of another deployed web archive? e.g. If have
an XML descriptor in another WAR deployed on the server, how can I access
4. When an application is deployed, is it necessarily loaded or running, i.e.
the JSPs are compiled to servlets, etc...?


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