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From Jimmy Wan <>
Subject Dynamically creating datasources
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2006 23:48:39 GMT
I'm trying to build an application where one of the necessary operations 
is the run-time creation of new datasources.

The general idea is that on startup, there will be a single datasource 
registered with Geronimo, containing references to the database 
containing connection information for other databases. If/when new 
databases are registered in the application, the datasources would be 
dynamically added using the connection info that was placed into the 
startup database. The startup database would be the single point of 
configuration for this information. I do want connections to these other 
databases to be managed by Geronimo, but I don't want to manually add 
these connections to Geronimo. I also don't want this configuration 
information to be persisted.

I did something similar with JBoss, but it was a while ago and the 
details are now a tad fuzzy on exactly how this was accomplished.

I could use a nudge in the right direction. What's the best way to do 
this in Geronimo?

Jimmy Wan
Senior Technical Lead
21st Century Technologies, Inc.

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