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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: service?
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 00:02:55 GMT
Clough, Ray C PWR wrote:
> Is v1.1 going to be installable as a service?
> I installed v1.0 using the JavaServiceWrapper, as described on the 
> Geronimo site, and mostly it works fine, but I have one web app which 
> works with Geronimo started from the command line, but not with 
> Geronimo started as a service.  The problem is obscure, but in essence 
> the app needs to read some files from the LAN, and the 
> running-as-a-service version can't find them.
> I'm hoping that Geronimo running as a service in its own right would 
> have one less layer of 'stuff' between it and the OS, and so might be 
> able to find the files. 
> - Ray Clough
1.1 won't be shipped with the JavaServiceWrapper files, but you should 
be able to create them yourself like you did in 1.0.  If there are other 
users who want this included in a future release, please speak up so we 
can prioritize accordingly.

You may want to watch 
and .

Does this help with your file access problem... ?



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