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From Markus Wolf <>
Subject Re: EAR Classloader
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 09:38:39 GMT
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>     Where these jars are deployed?, do they reside under the
>     <WEB_APP_DIR>/WEB-INF/lib directory or what?, generally for a web
>     application, referenced jars should reside under this dir or more
>     common lib dir, the one of the web container for example.
The jars are in the root of the EAR archive, because they are common
libraries which are not only used in the WAR application.
If I put them also in the WEB-INF/lib directory it does work, but I
think there will be classloading issues at a later time and also this is
a duplication of the compiled code inside the EAR file.
I would deploy the JAR libraries as EJB archives, but there are no EJBs
inside, and I do need a descriptor which needs at least one EJB...

> what classloader hierarchy does geronimo implement for EAR archives?
> I have an EAR archive I want to deploy. It contains some JAR libraries
> and a WAR archive. But when the WAR archive is loaded and the
> application is started than I get some CNF exceptions for classes which
> reside in the JAR libraries. Note that the jar files are no EJB
> modules.

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