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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.1-rc1 Now Available
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 03:48:47 GMT
Over the past few days the outstanding issues that were raised about the first candidate have

They were that we were missing the LICENSE.txt as well as Notices from the distribution. 
I added 
them.  Guillaume also pointed out that he noted that there should be a Third Party Notices.
was not included in the original 1.0 or previous distributions so I did not follow it up.

Also, the 1.0 release notes were removed and updated the thread started by Hernan.  The Wiki
been updated and the wiki was the source used to create the RELEASE-NOTES-1.1.txt file you
will find 
in the build.

To avoid issues with the version number and the plugins I used rc1 which Aaron had added in
plugins for supported versions so I trust that works here.

JSisson addressed the problem with not being able to run Geronimo under CygWin and Kevan worked
Aaron to address a new deployment problem that left partially deployed artifacts in the repository.

I have taken this build and run some performance tests on it and we are significantly better
in 1.1 
than we were in 1.0.  We have a lot of improvement left for CMP EJBs.  It appears that the

performance improvements in the EJB tier has changed a race condition when running under DB2.
afraid that the only way to address the problem is to add a new feature to TranQL and OEJB
allow for the specification of Isolation Levels for individual beans.  This is a relatively
change but the build as it stands is specification compliant.  I would prefer to let this
release go 
forward since CMP 2.1 EJBs are not nearly as common as the other J2EE components.  I would
like to 
address this in 1.1.1 however I don't think we've locked down whether that would be allowed
or not. 
  The change would affect TranQL and OpenEJB so they are really included components so I'd
interested in people's feedback.

So please accept a named RC1.  Your voting and feedback are for:

Geronimo 1.1
DayTrader 1.1
Specs 1.1

The vote will stand for 72 hours.  Issues raised will be discussed and if we conclude that
there is 
a bug that must be addressed then we will mitigate the problem and respin a new rc for a 72
hour vote.

If this is accepted all three of the above components will be released simultaneously.

Here are the builds for your review and comment:

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

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