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I have the following piece of code:


Can some body explain why this fails at this  statement: ‘account.addTransaction(transactionLocal);  ’ (pls see the code below).


PS 1: Here in one method, we are calling two ejbs, in  which the second ejb references the first ejb, Is this the problem….??? For the exception.

PS 2: Is this the cause for the following exception:

                 org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.LocalXAResource@abc617d; continuing with rollback


                                    at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.LocalXAResource.rollback(LocalXAResource.java:88)

                                      at org.apache.geronimo.transaction.manager.TransactionImpl.rollbackResources(TransactionImpl.java:542)

                                      at org.apache.geronimo.transaction.manager.TransactionImpl.rollback(TransactionImpl.java:446)





--------------------------------My Code--------------------------------------------------------------


public String assignToAccount(final String transactionId, final String accountId) {

                        int count = 1;

                        AccountDetailsLocal account = null;

                        AccountDetailsLocalHome accountLocalHome = null;

                        try {

                                    if (this.logger != null && this.logger.isDebugEnabled(this.loggerName)) {

                                                this.logger.debug(this.loggerName, "eneterd assign to acoount()");

                                                this.logger.debug(this.loggerName, "account no is " + accountId);



                                    System.out.println("\n *** Initial (San) Test  ****\n");


                                    TransactionLocalHome transactionLocalHome =

                                                (TransactionLocalHome) this.getServiceLocator(





                                    TransactionLocal transactionLocal = transactionLocalHome.findByPrimaryKey(transactionId);


                                    System.out.println("\n *** First Test  ****\n");



                                    accountLocalHome =

                                                (AccountDetailsLocalHome) this.getServiceLocator(





                                    account = accountLocalHome.findByPrimaryKey(accountId);



                                    System.out.println("\n *** Second Test  ****\n");



                                    account.addTransaction(transactionLocal);    //  This fails..!!!!!!


                                    System.out.println("\n *** Third Test  ****\n");



                        } catch (ObjectNotFoundException oe) {

                                    if (this.logger != null && this.logger.isDebugEnabled(this.loggerName)){

                                                this.logger.error("error while finding a account-assigntoaccount() of payeeservice ", oe);


                                    if (count == 1){

                                                return ("TransactionNotFound");


                                                return ("AccountNotFound");


                        } catch (FinderException fe) {


                                    if (this.logger != null && this.logger.isDebugEnabled(this.loggerName)){

                                                this.logger.error("exception in finding a transaction or account-assigntoaccount() ", fe);


                                    throw new EJBException(fe.getMessage(), fe);

                        } catch (Exception ex) {


                                    if (this.logger != null && this.logger.isDebugEnabled(this.loggerName)){

                                                this.logger.error("error in finding a transaction or account-assigntoaccount() ", ex);


                                    throw new EJBException(ex.getMessage(), ex);


                        return ("Success");


------------------------------My Code----------------------------------------------------------------





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