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Subject Re: Docs for 1.1?
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 17:41:26 GMT

I'm in the process of putting together a detailed walk-thru (which
unfortunately is taking alot longer than I had expected).  In the meantime,
here are some initial observations:

- Need a Getting Started document seperate from Section 2.2 of Aaron
Mulder's online book.  This should be a document owned by the Geronimo
project and hosted on
- Add links to Getting Started and the FAQ in the Quick Links section of
the sidebar
- Add a link to User Documentation in the Community section of the sidebar
- Seperate User Documentation from Developer Documentation
- Seperate Geronimo Documentation from external resources (developerWorks
articles, online books, etc)
- Identify external links as such


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Hi All,
We are getting close to get v1.1 out of the door. As it looks now we will
not have documentation. I
think we can have it if we all jump into it and come up with at least a
minimun of things to cover
and at least a few guys for tackling some of those topics.

What are the areas you consider to be more criticial? Which one do you need
the most?  (i.e. hot
deployment, db pools config, etc.)

Anyone out there who can contribute? If you have any notes laying around,
that will help. Anything
to get started.

We will also need some stuff for the web site for v1.1. A quick start would
probably be really good.
I don't know if we want to include all the docs in the binary dist, what do
you guys think?

Everyone is invited! We'll get it done if we all work on it.


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