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From Mario Rübsam>
Subject Re: Docs for 1.1?
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 20:19:52 GMT
Here some thoughts about the docs for 1.1 release.

When I started with Geronimo I had the biggest hassle
with the deployment plans for either the db or for the
app itself. The problem was inconsistency with all the
docs available and also a the versions (milestones and
release 1.0). My suggestion here is to put some version
attribute in the deployment plans that identifies that
the plan is associated to a specific Geronimo release.

I also expected some problems with inconsistent behavior
between the console, the deploy tool and the deploy
directoy when deploying.
This is not a documentation problem itself but the messages
documenting the errors are sometimes confusing esp.
when you get different messages with the above tools
and sometimes only schema evaluation errors not pointing
to the real problem.
So my suggestions for future versions is referencing
some documentation chapters in the error or warning
message to find help without searching for the error
message in the web.

The next problem for me as a geronimo starter was the
upgrade to a new EJB and Servlet version. This is not
a Geronimo documentation problem but I see a lot people
in this list stumble about resource and ejb refs.
This is not a part of Geronimo documentation but to
avoid lots of equal questions in the mailing list, the
Geronimo documentation should include some links to
common tutorials (for the appropriate J2EE version) when
talking about standard deployment descriptors and the
deployment descriptors needed by Geronimo.

The Geronimo quick start should contain the deployment
of a simple application including database access, Servlet/JSP,
EJB deployment in an EAR with all deployment descriptors (standard
and Geronimo specific), the deployment plans for the DB and the
application. This should be a simple Hello World app just to
show all the necessary files in the current (1.1 compatible) form,
ready to compile, deploy and run. The console is great
but the documentation should only use the deployer for that
Looking at such an example is easier than studying a formal
documentation about each needed file.

What I missed in the 1.0 documentation were some info
about JNDI and how it is integrated in Geronimo. I saw
some questions here in the list and some good answers that
could be part of it. Also some information for people who
porting from other systems and missing the feature of
serving static files outside the application archives.

Tuning hints for some use cases would also be helpful.


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