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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Geronimo Web site structure update
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 19:27:06 GMT
Hi All,
when we updated the web site we mainly focused on the look & feel but left the existing
structure pretty much untouched.

I propose we update some of the structure starting with the documentation section. Currently
are two links pointing to the same resource, these are *Documentation* and *Library*. Today
we have
an official documentation for v1.0 and we are working on the doc for v1.1, in addition there
is the
"Developers Guide" also being developed.

All these are the documentation that should be pointed from the "Documentation" link. What
currently pointed from both "Documentation" and "Library" links should be just pointed from
"Library". We will also need to update the Geronimo Administration Console to reflect this
as the documentation is pointed as the "Additional documentation" link.

The documentation today is hosted on an external site (Atlassian) but we are working with
the ASF
infrastructure team to get a local high performance installation ( Until
resolve the ASF local installation I think we could point directly to the remote articles
from our 
site. This might be easier to explain by an example so I put together a copy of the Geronimo
site with the proposed changes, see "Library" and "Documentation" links (note that the rest
of the 
site may not be entirely up-to-date)

Here is the test URL:

I think these proposed changes will facilitate access to the documentation, increase it's
and hopefully we will see more volunteers to continue developing the docs.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions!?


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