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From "Shai Wolf" <>
Subject End of transaction problem
Date Sun, 28 May 2006 14:58:25 GMT


I deployed a MDB that its onMessage() method is transacted.

I noticed that when a transaction finishes Geronimo calls the end() method
of the XAResource twice.

The first time with the flag TMSUSPEND and the second time with the flag

I wonder what the reason is for calling this method twice. Why is it
required to suspend the transaction before ending it?


According to the XAResource docs:

If TMSUSPEND is specified in the flags, the transaction branch is
temporarily suspended in an incomplete state. The transaction context is in
a suspended state and must be resumed via the start method with TMRESUME


That means that technically you should not do any operation on the suspended
transaction until the start() method is called with the TMRESUME flag.

Could it be a bug?




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