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From "Marcus Malcom" <>
Subject Re: Headless Java Application Deployment?
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 23:09:01 GMT
On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 18:33 -0400, Aaron Mulder wrote:
> OK, well, you could certainly deploy the "headless apps" as GBeans --
> or at least, deploy a GBean that starts the app when the GBean starts
> and stops it when the GBean stops (and perhaps hooks it up to some JMS
> resources or JDBC pools).  You could then create an EAR containing the
> web apps, the JDBC/JMS resources, and the GBean definitions.  Though I
> don't know how you can package an arbitrary JAR (containing the
> headless application code) in an EAR, so it might be easier to put all
> the J2EE and JDBC/JMS stuff in an EAR and put the headless
> applications in a separate JAR that just depends on the EAR.

OK, so I think there's some options for me in there. I think the first
thing will be to work on creating the GBeans (see below).

> If you need help with the GBeans, let's start by sketching out what
> GBeans you need and what each one should do.

For the moment, the only thing that I need is to be able to perform a
stop(), start() and kill().

  public boolean start() {
    int corePoolSize = 4;
    int maxPoolSize = 30;
    long aliveTime = 60L;
    TimeUnit unit = TimeUnit.SECONDS;
    BlockingQueue<Runnable> workQueue = new
    ExecutorService service = new ThreadPoolExecutor(corePoolSize,
        maxPoolSize, aliveTime, unit, workQueue);
    ExampleWorkItem workItem = new ExampleWorkItem();

    return true;


  public void stop() {
    ExecutorService service = getService();
    if (service != null) {

  public void stop() {
    ExecutorService service = getService();
    if (service != null) {

My first cut at writing a GBean was to do something like this:

  public class GBeanExample extends AbstractGBeanReference 

but after reading a bit more on GBean's, I'm not so sure this is what I
want. So I guess at this point, I'd love to find out what I need to do
to write and deploy this kind of a GBean (sample descriptors would be
very helpful).

Oh and my "WorkItem" is just this:
public class ExampleWorkItem implements Callable {


  public Object call() throws Exception {
    ExecutorService service = getService();
    Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ExampleWorkItem.class);
    while(! service.isShutdown()) {
      Thread.sleep(10000);"logging a message now.");
    return null;


That's pretty much all I need to do for a prototype.

Again thanks for the replies and the help!


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