I am trying to make an EAR file using Ant, and I set a property "server-type" to 'geronimo' or 'sun' or 'oracle'.  Ant includes the correct files in the EAR file, no problem. 

However, the 'geronimo-application.xml' file uses the syntax:


I don't want to use an alt-dd.  I want to include the geronimo-web.xml file in the War file under /WEB-INF.  If I omit the <alt-dd> tag I get an error, but there is no way I know to specify the location inside the War file.

(I'd actually prefer if the sun-application.xml and oracle-application.xml, etc would allow an alt-dd element, but that is a much larger issue)

What am I missing?  Thanks,

-Ray Clough