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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: User Feedback Request -- Usability Focus
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 23:14:36 GMT

On Apr 6, 2006, at 7:56 AM, Dave Colasurdo wrote:

> Thanks David B. for starting this valuable thread.

Thanks for following up, this is excellent!


> I'd like to hijack a sub-thread to get the user community's  
> thoughts on how the usability of Geronimo can be improved.
> What are the areas that you believe need improvement?
> Some of the areas that have already been mentioned include:
> deployment
> documentation
> examples
> tools
> migration
> Are there any specific requests in these areas that haven't yet  
> been flushed out?
> How important are the following?
> - Classloading - simple way to have application jars easily  
> override the system classpath
> - Allow simple XML updates for all configuration data (non-serialized)
> - Have exploded application directories with human-readable names
> - Ability to update piecemeal portions of a deployed application
> - Better error messages
> - Security simplification
> - GUI Installer
> - Ability to create a custom server containing just the components  
> that you require
> Please provide specifics...
> What other areas require ease-of-use enhancements?
> Thanks
> -Dave-
> David Blevins wrote:
>> So this is the first of what I think should be a quarterly event.   
>> Geronimo is ultimately your project and we committers are but your  
>> humble servants.  To serve you best, we need some critical high  
>> level feedback to help us steer the project and focus on what  
>> matters most to you!
>> Please, every user out there, give us your top 5 things we can do  
>> to make Geronimo better for you.  Here is my list:
>> 1)  More interaction with you guys, the users!
>> 2)  More frequent releases incorporating more user feedback (small  
>> releases more often vs. big releases only 4 times a year)
>> 3)  Less deployment requirements (simpler plans, more defaults, etc.)
>> 4)  More application validation at deployment
>> 5)  More powerful text configuration
>> That's just to get the ball rolling.  More detail is always good  
>> if you have the time.  In general anything you think we need to  
>> correct as a community, technical or non-technical.  Let us know.
>> If you've ever uttered the words, "Geronimo would be such a great  
>> project if it only...." then now is your time to shine.
>> We want to hear from everyone!  This is not just for the "hard- 
>> core" Geronimo users or J2EE experts.  If you are new to J2EE and  
>> downloaded Geronimo and had to give up after an hour of no  
>> progress, let us know what we might do!
>> It's all about you.
>> Best Regards,
>> David Blevins

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