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From "Dennis Cartier" <>
Subject Re: Problem deploying under Jetty version of Geronimo
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 14:09:07 GMT
Just to update this, I figured out what the problem I was having
making the switch to Jetty.

As it turns out, when running under Tomcat, the ACEGI restriction I
have placed on the index page that the user is directed to through the
<welcome-file-list> tag was sufficient. Under Jetty, I required an
ACEGI restriction on the root of the context as well. Once I applied
this extra restriction, Jetty works equally well with ACEGI.

Now I will do some testing to see if Jetty also suffers from the
CBLIB/classloader issue upon redeploy. I will have an answer shortly.


On 4/3/06, Dennis Cartier <> wrote:
> On 4/3/06, Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
> > Is there a JIRA for "the threadlocal issue"?  I'm not sure what it
> > involves and if it's a known problem I'm hoping it's documented
> > somewhere...
> >
> In my investigation of the issue, it appeared that a peculiarity of
> Tomcat's architecture was responsible for the memory leak. The links
> below are about Hibernate, which I do not use, but my spring app does
> use the same base tools (CGLIB) as Hibernate.
> and a Spring related link, which I do use.
> A good explanation, in general terms is at:
> I was not however able to find a JIRA for this issue. I am already
> using CGLIB 2.1.3 as well, which was one of the suggested fixes.
> This issue is mainly causing me annoyance at the moment during the
> development cycle of redeploying an app to test changes. I have not
> stated using Geronimo in production yet as I was holding out for 1.1
> first.
> This issue came quickly to light as I have been unable to expand the
> PermGen space for Geronimo on windows. When I tried the recommendation
> of adding increasing the PermGen space using the setenv.bat file,
> Geronimo fails to start no matter what I set the values to. This would
> only delay the inevitable, but it would be less annoying.
> Also, I should point out, that this is all under JDK 1.5, but I do not
> use any of the J2EE features that are known to have issues with 1.5.
> Dennis

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