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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: jdk version
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2006 23:49:00 GMT
There are two problems in JDK 1.5.  First, the CORBA features don't
work.  Second, if you serialize a QName under 1.4 and deserialize it
until 1.5, that doesn't work.  That QName problem is what causes
trouble with DayTrader.

Geronimo 1.1 won't be J2EE certified on 1.5 because of the CORBA
problem (J2EE certification requires CORBA interoperability testing,
which doesn't work for us on 1.5).  We're currently planning to go
through the J2EE certification on JDK 1.5 once the Yoko project
releases.  As for the Geronimo 1.1 schedule, we're in the midst of TCK
testing and bug fixing in preparation for the 1.1 release.  I would
expect to see a beta or release candidate in the next week or two.

In any case, if your SOAP problem includes QName serialization, that
could be related (though I really thought it was only if you serialize
under 1.4 and deserialize under 1.5 or vice versa).  You're welcome to
post a stack trace if you want a more thorough evaluation.  :)


On 4/30/06, Clough, Ray C             PWR <> wrote:
> In playing around with various App Servers, I downloaded Websphere Community
> Edition, which is an extraordinarily thin repackaging of Geronimo (different
> page header, and worse on-site documentation).  One thing I did notice,
> however, is that they specified that the JDK used should be 1.4.2, not 1.5,
> which they attributed to incompatibility between Geronimo and JDK 1.5.  Is
> this really correct?  As I look at the Geronimo site now, it does specify
> jdk 1.4.2 (I didn't originally notice that), but I've found that it does
> seem to run properly, except for the 'daytrader' demo app.  I'm using
> jdk1.5, and I do now have at least one error which completely mystifies me.
>   My 'mysterious' error is a problem with Soap Deserialization.  Is jdk
> incompatibility a likely cause?
> Also, will Geronimo 1.1 be certified for JDK 1.5, and when is it expected to
> be released.  I couldn't find this info on your site.
> Thanks,
> Ray Clough

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