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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Problem
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 19:23:49 GMT
Can you walk me through screen by screen what you enter in which field
and what screen it takes you to after you click next?

We have had a problem with the Tomcat version of Geronimo where if
there are certain characters in the connect URL then the database
wizard breaks and returns to the database pool list screen in the
middle (that is fixed for 1.1).  If that's what you're running into
then switching to the Jetty version should help for now.  If not,
please also check the server log (var/log/geronimo.log) for stack
traces or error messages while you're gong through the database

I'm not sure what to say about the problem with Oracle or PostgreSQL. 
Can you say exactly what file paths/names you saved the JDBC driver
JARs to and what entry you picked for the driver JAR on the screen
where it prompts you for the driver class, driver JAR, etc.?

I guess this reminds me -- I think some of the admin console screens
barf if you put a JAR in the repository with the wrong name format. 
This may also be causing your problems.  Make sure each file has a
dash then a version number in the name
(repository/oracle/jars/oracle-9ir2.jar not
repository/oracle/zips/ or something like that).  We also
have a fix in 1.1 to handle this situation better.


On 4/4/06, Clough, Ray C             PWR <> wrote:
> I am a relatively inexperienced Geronimo user, but previously when I used
> the Database Pool wizard, after the 1st page, I'd get detailed input forms.
> Now I get nothing, with any specified db name or db type.  I tried
> reinstalling Geronimo, same result.
> Further, I've put the oracle and postgresql jdbc drivers under oracle/jars
> and postgresql/jars respectively, but Geronimo can't find the driver
> classes.
> Any ideas or suggestions?  Thank you very much.
> (By the way, your documentation is first rate, especially for such a young
> project.)
> -Ray Clough

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