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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: jdk version
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 00:48:51 GMT
FYI, the QName issue is a JDK issue ( )


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> There are two problems in JDK 1.5.  First, the CORBA features don't
> work.  Second, if you serialize a QName under 1.4 and deserialize it
> until 1.5, that doesn't work.  That QName problem is what causes
> trouble with DayTrader.
> Geronimo 1.1 won't be J2EE certified on 1.5 because of the CORBA
> problem (J2EE certification requires CORBA interoperability testing,
> which doesn't work for us on 1.5).  We're currently planning to go
> through the J2EE certification on JDK 1.5 once the Yoko project
> releases.  As for the Geronimo 1.1 schedule, we're in the midst of TCK
> testing and bug fixing in preparation for the 1.1 release.  I would
> expect to see a beta or release candidate in the next week or two.
> In any case, if your SOAP problem includes QName serialization, that
> could be related (though I really thought it was only if you serialize
> under 1.4 and deserialize under 1.5 or vice versa).  You're welcome to
> post a stack trace if you want a more thorough evaluation.  :)
> Thanks,
>    Aaron
> On 4/30/06, Clough, Ray C             PWR <> wrote:
>> In playing around with various App Servers, I downloaded Websphere 
>> Community
>> Edition, which is an extraordinarily thin repackaging of Geronimo 
>> (different
>> page header, and worse on-site documentation).  One thing I did notice,
>> however, is that they specified that the JDK used should be 1.4.2, 
>> not 1.5,
>> which they attributed to incompatibility between Geronimo and JDK 
>> 1.5.  Is
>> this really correct?  As I look at the Geronimo site now, it does 
>> specify
>> jdk 1.4.2 (I didn't originally notice that), but I've found that it does
>> seem to run properly, except for the 'daytrader' demo app.  I'm using
>> jdk1.5, and I do now have at least one error which completely 
>> mystifies me.
>>   My 'mysterious' error is a problem with Soap Deserialization.  Is jdk
>> incompatibility a likely cause?
>> Also, will Geronimo 1.1 be certified for JDK 1.5, and when is it 
>> expected to
>> be released.  I couldn't find this info on your site.
>> Thanks,
>> Ray Clough

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