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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Deployment pblm in G1.1
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:28:53 GMT
I'm tying to deploy a simple war using G1.1 and deployment is failing. 
I've seen the same failure with several different applications both with 
and without deployment plans..  The same applications work fine on G1.0.

Here is the error:


# java -jar deployer.jar --user system --password manager deploy 
     Error: Unable to distribute HelloWorld.war: Cannot deploy the
     requested application module

Also, I do not see a log file???  Tried on both Geronimo and Jetty.. The 
build is from last week.. Can't seem to rebuild G1.1 today due to build 
errors.. :(

Anyone else seeing this behavior??

I've attached the simple war...


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