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From Guilherme Rios <>
Subject Re: How to deploy a web application based on Struts 1.2, Spring 1.2 and Hibernate 3 on Geronimo 1.0?
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 14:30:30 GMT
The way I see it, a "vanilla" J2EE application would be deployed in 
Geronimo without problems. The issue is, when you depend on projects 
that Geronimo also provides and are not part of standard J2EE but became 
  de facto standards, you have to use a vendor-specific deployment plan. 
This is not desirable, but does not differ much from what others do either.

I would not consider it a J2EE compatibility issue, but given lots of 
people - me included =) - will deploy struts/spring/hibernate apps to 
Geronimo it would be nice being able to do so without having to deal 
with specific application server issues.



Mammen wrote:
> Hi Hernan,
> The app I am trying to deploy was a Struts, Spring and Hibernate based
> application. After seeing the article mentioned below in the Spring 
> integration url, I had included the springframework hidden classes, 
> but it did not mention anything about ANTLR jar files. After including 
> ANTLR in the hidden classes list, my application worked.
> I think Geronimo should follow the J2EE specs by default because 
> lot of people migrating existing application would fail. 
> And I understand it had passed the J2EE spec compatability tests??? 
> Most web application should deploy to Geronimo
> without major workarounds and surgery to the application, 
> if its J2EE compliant server.
> Regards,
> Johh

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