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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: Configuring DB2 CLI "legacy" driver with Geronimo
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 16:17:18 GMT
Hi Fran,
see my comments inline


Fran Varin wrote:
> Hi Hernan, thanks for your reply. We have the "legacy" driver working at this
> point. Part of our dilemma is that we have an existing applicaiton that has
> used that approach for several years. We're using WSAD and attempting to
> migrate to Eclipse/Geronimo as a development platform. So, our issue seems
> to really be centered around our lack of understanding of this new
> environment.

Keep in mind that DB2 has been fully integrated with WAS for a long time now. In fact, isn't
already providing a DB2 dev license?

> Many of the configurations we typically perform in WSAD are handled through
> a series of panels and there is seldom a need for us to manipulate the
> resulting xml file directly. So, this is part of the learning curve for us. 
> We have documented the steps we took to get the driver configured and
> running. If you feel this would be beneficial to others I would be glad to
> supply it to you.

This will certainly be beneficial for others in the same situation. I will compare the steps
update the existing documentation. Other than the obvious Legacy vs. Universal driver, did
you find 
other missing/wrong steps?

> One point that is a puzzling for us is understanding exactly what is needed
> for license jars. We have not had to use the cisuz jar in the past. So, we
> are trying to sort that out at the present time. 
> We're also trying to sort out how the Universal driver vs. the legacy driver
> plays with the DB2 connect server. Our DBAs have some reservation over using

This article may help you identify some of the differences

> the type 4 driver because of the potential lack of control over what
> application/developer could connect to which database (read test vs.
> production). Under our current configuration using the Type 2 driver we must
> connect to the DB2 Connect server. It is our assumption that by using the
> type 4 driver that restriction would be removed.

Similar restrictions can be implemented when using the Universal JDBC driver.

> So, to sum it up, we have it working currently but, there is still much that
> we need to understand. Further research is definately warranted on our part
> it seems. 
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