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From "James CE Johnson" <>
Subject Re: oracle + hibernate : Unsupported feature getDatabaseMajorVersion
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 18:00:34 GMT
Hi Aaron,

> I'm not sure what to tell you.  Hibernate is trying to load the
> database version from the driver:
> Are you 100% sure that you're using the same Hibernate and Oracle JARs in Geronimo?

Well, it turns out the answer is "yes and no".

The Oracle jar I gave Geronimo did, indeed, come from server/default/lib. But in my old and
tattered JBoss install I had *another* Oracle jar laying about. A more recent one as it turns
that was picked up in the classpath before the one in server/default/lib.

Putting that in repository/ojdbc/jars solved the whole problem.

[ Can somebody *please* convince Oracle to put version numbers in their jars? ]

> (This
> smells like an outdated Oracle driver JAR to me.)  Do you want to write a tiny test program
> just load the Oracle
> driver and call getDatabaseMetadata.getDatabaseMajorVersion and
> confirm that it throws the exception you're seeing?

So, thanks Aaron for making me triple-check my assumptions.

And to anyone else out there who might be having a similar problem, you want to get ojdbc-14.jar
has size
1,536,979. Not the one of the same name from who-knows-where having size 1,174,976. I cracked
both jars and there is nothing in either one to indicate a true version. The manifest in both
identical. Though, clearly, something is different in the classes.

> Thanks,
>     Aaron

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