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From Fran Varin <>
Subject Re: Configuring DB2 CLI "legacy" driver with Geronimo
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 15:43:43 GMT

Hi Hernan, thanks for your reply. We have the "legacy" driver working at this
point. Part of our dilemma is that we have an existing applicaiton that has
used that approach for several years. We're using WSAD and attempting to
migrate to Eclipse/Geronimo as a development platform. So, our issue seems
to really be centered around our lack of understanding of this new

Many of the configurations we typically perform in WSAD are handled through
a series of panels and there is seldom a need for us to manipulate the
resulting xml file directly. So, this is part of the learning curve for us. 

We have documented the steps we took to get the driver configured and
running. If you feel this would be beneficial to others I would be glad to
supply it to you. 

One point that is a puzzling for us is understanding exactly what is needed
for license jars. We have not had to use the cisuz jar in the past. So, we
are trying to sort that out at the present time. 

We're also trying to sort out how the Universal driver vs. the legacy driver
plays with the DB2 connect server. Our DBAs have some reservation over using
the type 4 driver because of the potential lack of control over what
application/developer could connect to which database (read test vs.
production). Under our current configuration using the Type 2 driver we must
connect to the DB2 Connect server. It is our assumption that by using the
type 4 driver that restriction would be removed. 

So, to sum it up, we have it working currently but, there is still much that
we need to understand. Further research is definately warranted on our part
it seems. 
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