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From "Clough, Ray C PWR" <>
Subject Soap Serialization
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 21:51:40 GMT
I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on how to proceed with this
problem.  I've got a fairly simple Web Service, which has two methods:
public boolean 'putData(MyValueObject[] data)' and 'public
MyValueObject[] getData(String key)' methods.  The MyValueObject class
contains an array of othe Value Object objects.  I created the
WebService from the Interface using the 'wscompile' tool.

The  problem is that the 'putData()' method works fine, but the
'getData()' method throws Deserialization errors when the method
returns.  I have checked the ValueObject classes for errors - none I
could find.  I even made a WS interface method which simply returns the
input data, and it throws the exact same deserialization error.  I get
the same type error using Geronimo or OracleAS, so it is probably
something in my classes.  I believe the ValueObject classes are simple
enough that they should have no problems, and fact that the 'putData()'
method' succeeds seems to indicate that the ValueObject is indeed a
simple enough class.

In my experience, Deserialization errors are impossible  to find.  Does
anyone know any technique or any tool which might help me, or have any
other useful advice.  (My hair is already gray, but I think this is
making it fall out.)

Ray Clough

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