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From "Clough, Ray C PWR" <>
Subject RE: commons logging issue
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 02:45:27 GMT
Thanks.  I thought it seemed like a classloader bug!  Nice to know I was
right.  I've taken to using Ant magic to remove it from the
Geronimo-build WAR file.

- Ray Clough

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From: Guilherme Rios [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 3:39 PM
Subject: Re: commons logging issue


     If I understood the discussions around this topic that happened
this week, the problem you noticed has to do with conflicts between
WEB-INF/lib jars and Geronimo jars, because currently they share the
same classloader. Sticking to the track of this thread, you may try to
deploy your war to Geronimo/Jetty and most likely won't have any
problems, because its repository does not have a copy of this jar.
     There are two workarounds for this that I am aware of:

1. Add the container-specific geronimo-web.xml to WEB-INF (or tell the
deployer which one to use when you deploy your app) and make sure it has
something like...


2. Remove commons-logging.jar from your app so the repository version
will be used instead. I believe this is what you did, right?

     You could also erase commons-logging.jar from the repository, but I
don't think anyone would advise that.
     Until the issue is dealt with, I think the best workaround for
similar problems is going with a geronimo-web.xml given to the
classloader at deploy time, and not inside your WEB-INF, so the app
remains proprietary descriptor free. If you erase the jar from it, you
may have problems deploying it to other servers.

Hope this helps,


Clough, Ray C PWR escreveu:
> I have found that if the commons-logging.jar file is in my app's lib 
> directory, then Geronimo chokes on it.  However, deployments of the 
> exact same WAR file on Tomcat, Sun, Oracle servers work fine if the 
> commons-logging.jar file is present. I always figured it was a class
> loader error in Geronimo.   Maybe that assumption is incorrect!!??
> - Ray Clough

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