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From "Clough, Ray C PWR" <>
Subject RE: commons logging issue
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 17:48:51 GMT
I have found that if the commons-logging.jar file is in my app's lib
directory, then Geronimo chokes on it.  However, deployments of the
exact same WAR file on Tomcat, Sun, Oracle servers work fine if the
commons-logging.jar file is present. I always figured it was a class
loader error in Geronimo.   Maybe that assumption is incorrect!!??

- Ray Clough

-----Original Message-----
From: Dain Sundstrom [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 9:53 AM
Subject: Re: commons logging issue

Our long term goal is to isolate web applications from the system
classes.  This means that by default a web application will only see the
spec jars required by the servlet spec.  Then if an application needs
more jars, they can either add them to the WEB-INF/lib or the geronimo
repository and add a dependency.  I would have liked to get this into
1.1, but I think 1.1 will ship before I can get to it.


On Apr 13, 2006, at 7:18 AM, Guilherme Rios wrote:

> Thanks Pablo,
>     Should this be addressed? The practical impact is sometimes an 
> application will deploy fine in Geronimo/Tomcat but not Geronimo/ 
> Jetty (because it will use jars unavailable in the former) or the 
> other way around (because app jars will conflict with Geronimo's, as 
> already discussed in other thread).
>     Is there any reason why the repositories differ for both versions?
> Cheers,
> Guilherme
> Pablo wrote:
>> Guilherme Rios wrote:
>>> Paul McMahan wrote:
>>>> I'm not sure why deployment didn't fail in jetty, perhaps you would

>>>> have seen a failure later on when you tried to access your 
>>>> servlets(?).
>>> Hi,
>>>     I recall noticing a few days ago some jars missing from 
>>> Geronimo/Jetty /repository when compared to Geronimo/Tomcat.
>>> Commons Logging was one, there was also one or two others missing. 
>>> Can anyone pls confirm that? (I do not have access to my 
>>> installation at this very moment)
>>>     This could be the reason why it works on Geronimo/Jetty but not 
>>> Geronimo/Tomcat.
>>> Regards,
>>> Guilherme
>> Hi
>> I'm sending lists of jars for both jetty and tomcat. There are a few 
>> differences...
>> Cheers
>> Pablo
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