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From "mahu2425" <>
Subject Can not fetch WDSL with Tomcat version
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 14:27:15 GMT

First of all: I'm quite new to Geronimo as well as to J2EE in general, so don't blame me if
my question is studip. ;-)

I developed a small stateless session bean and tried to make a web service out of it. The
deployment to Geronimo (Tomcat version) was successful, but I was not able to receive the
WSDL (e. g. using a web browser).

Instead the following error is displayed: HTTP Status 500 - Could not fetch wsdl!

The Geronimo logfile shows the following: 
16:09:42,484 ERROR [TomcatEJBWebServiceContext] java.lang.IllegalStateException: request must
contain a wsdl or WSDL parameter: {wsdl=[Ljava.lang.String;@1ad0ff8}

After a trying hard to find the error I installed the Jetty version of Geronimo  - and everything
worked fine.

All I found out until now is, that the Tomcat version seems to change the URL if I try to
access the WSDL .
Let's say I type in my webbrowser "http://localhost:8080/MyDemo/MyDemoWebService?wsdl" then
"http://localhost:8080/MyDemo/MyDemoWebService/?wsdl" is returned/displayed in the browser

Might this cause the problem?

My MyDemo.wsdl file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<definitions name="MyDemo" targetNamespace="http://com.demo" xmlns:tns="http://com.demo"
xmlns="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap="">
  <message name="MyDemoSEI_getDemoString">
    <part name="mystring" type="xsd:string"/></message>
  <message name="MyDemoSEI_getDemoStringResponse">
    <part name="result" type="xsd:string"/></message>
  <portType name="MyDemoSEI">
    <operation name="getDemoString" parameterOrder="mystring">
      <input message="tns:MyDemoSEI_getDemoString"/>
      <output message="tns:MyDemoSEI_getDemoStringResponse"/></operation></portType>
  <binding name="MyDemoSEIBinding" type="tns:MyDemoSEI">
    <soap:binding transport="" style="rpc"/>
    <operation name="getDemoString">
      <soap:operation soapAction=""/>
        <soap:body encodingStyle="" use="encoded"
        <soap:body encodingStyle="" use="encoded"
  <service name="MyDemo">
    <port name="MyDemoSEIPort" binding="tns:MyDemoSEIBinding">
      <soap:address location="http://localhost:8080/MyDemo/MyDemoWebService"/></port>

And here is the webservice.xml file:

 <webservices xmlns=""


Any idea what goes wrong? As I said, the are no problems using the Jetty Version of Geronimo.



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