Setup something like JBoss Certified Partner Program. I would like to see Jetspeed-2 joined Geronimo Certfied Partner Program:)
It will encourage more program, opensource project to integrate with Geronimo.

- Jian Liao

On 3/29/06, Mario Rübsam <> wrote:
Here my short list:

1) Support for JDK1.5 (both for Geronimo itself and the Geronimo
    Eclipse plugin)

2) configuration management, possibility to make a production version
    without some current modules ( e.g. OpenEJB or ActiveMQ), there are
    end useres who don't have the resources (memory, disk) to run Geronimo
    fully equipped and they don't need every feature of the J2EE stack

3) more minor bugfix releases

4) More tutorials, documentaion, there is a growing base but if one is
    new to geronimo he have a hard first time (esp. deploying EAR's
    including WAR's, EJB's, RAR's, classloading and dependencies with
    that apps)

5) never push out Jetty support, we love Jetty ;)


David Blevins wrote:
> So this is the first of what I think should be a quarterly event.
> Geronimo is ultimately your project and we committers are but your
> humble servants.  To serve you best, we need some critical high level
> feedback to help us steer the project and focus on what matters most to
> you!
> Please, every user out there, give us your top 5 things we can do to
> make Geronimo better for you.  Here is my list:
> 1)  More interaction with you guys, the users!
> 2)  More frequent releases incorporating more user feedback (small
> releases more often vs. big releases only 4 times a year)
> 3)  Less deployment requirements (simpler plans, more defaults, etc.)
> 4)  More application validation at deployment
> 5)  More powerful text configuration
> That's just to get the ball rolling.  More detail is always good if you
> have the time.  In general anything you think we need to correct as a
> community, technical or non-technical.  Let us know.
> If you've ever uttered the words, "Geronimo would be such a great
> project if it only...." then now is your time to shine.
> We want to hear from everyone!  This is not just for the "hard-core"
> Geronimo users or J2EE experts.  If you are new to J2EE and downloaded
> Geronimo and had to give up after an hour of no progress, let us know
> what we might do!
> It's all about you.
> Best Regards,
> David Blevins