You need a different license to access DB2 on z/OS. The one I used (i.e.  db2jcc_license_cu.jar) was for DB2 on distributed platforms(UNIX/Linux/Windows). Copy db2jcc_license_cuz.jar to the repository and rename as you did before and then add the following dependency to your plan (note that this jar has the license for accessing DB2 on z/OS and iSeries). Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your reply…you hit the nail right on the head. That was the problem…we checked the articles that we have been using as a guide and, sure enough, the error is repeated in there as well. We tried your suggestion and we are now by that particular problem.


We're now fighting with what drivers should actually be used since we have DB connect middleware in place to proxy the connection to our mainframe based DB2 dababases. It seems that we need to configure this a slightly different way than is suggested by the articles. Any ideas?


When we try to connect using the universal connector we receive an exception that indicates we do not have the proper license to connect to zOS.


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It appears you're using the Type 2 DB2 JDBC Driver. I think that's deprecated so I would avoid using it. I would recommmend using the DB2 Type 4 JDBC Driver. Here's an example of a plan that I embedded in my geronimo-application.xml file. Note that I renamed the DB2 jars to db2jcc-8.2.jar and db2jcc_license_cu-8.2.jar after putting them in ${GERONIMO_HOME}/repository/db2/jars. Hope this helps.

            xmlns=" "



            <config-property-setting name="UserName">
            <config-property-setting name="Password">
            <config-property-setting name="Driver">
            <config-property-setting name="ConnectionURL">

            <config-property-setting name="CommitBeforeAutocommit">
            <config-property-setting name="ExceptionSorterClass">
                <local-transaction />
                   <match-one />

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