Could somebody please give me a quick summary of how to install Sun's JavaMail implementation into geronimo?  Or a web link that explains how?
The tutorial I found at IBM's site did not work out for me, probably because it relates to an older version.  I couldn't find anything else that was comprehensive (that is that did not already assume I knew how to configure things about geronimo)
I am a new geronimo user.  I got the 1.0 tar.gz and unzipped it into /usr/local on my Linux Fedora Core 2 server.  I do not know much beyond that.
Background on how far I got so far:  A short mail program didn't work because it complained about not finding "smtp."  I read the mailing lists on this, and understood that you can't include Sun's impl. due to license issues.  Next I downloaded Sun's implementation mail.jar and activation.jar and put them in the WEB-INF/lib directory of my web-app.  That made things smoother, but not close to perfect.  The problem was that certain methods were unimplmented (something like setting the file name of an attachment.)  More importantly, attachments that I create show up weird in my email as if they were one large chunk of plain-text.  When I ran the same code through jboss, they came through normal as separate attachments and also setting the file name of the attachment worked fine.
If only I could install the Sun implementation into geronimo, I wouldn't need to revert back to jboss.  (plaintive whine intended to earn sympathy from jboss-disliking-gernonimo-gurus)