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From "Ted Haynes" <>
Subject JMS Connection Factory and Queue
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 03:03:08 GMT
When I setup my custom Connection Factory and Queue, I created a resource
adapter xml file and then deployed it using the following command:

java -jar bin/deployer.jar deploy

In my plan file, I have the parent id as follows:


But the examples on the site use
parentId="geronimo/activemq-broker/1.0/car". I tried using the
activemq-broker and while service deployed, my JMS messages were never
picked up by my MDB. When I changed the parentId to activemq (instead of
activemq-broker), everything worked fine.

My questions are as follows: What is the difference between the two
parentId's? And when would I want to use one over the other? Why doesnt
using activemq-broker work for me but it is used for the examples?

I am running geronimo 1.0.

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