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From "Kenji Nakamura" <>
Subject Re: Custom GBeans deployment in 1.0
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 05:03:09 GMT

Thank you for your reply. I followed the steps described below, and
chose hot deployment option. However, I was confused about the format
to deploy plan xml. Putting the xml file into deploy directory didn't
work, since deployer tried to unzip in vain. Next, I tried to put
"plan.xml" under a directory, and META-INF, but neither didn't work.
(i.e. deploy/foo/plan.xml, and deploy/foo/META-INF/plan.xml).

How can I deploy a GBean with hot deployer?
I'm also wondering if there is a way to control the order of
deployment with hot deployment option.



> The normal procedure is:
>  - put code in a JAR
>  - put the JAR in the repository/ directory
>  - write a deployment plan with a <dependency> pointing to the JAR
>  - deploy the deployment plan using the hot deploy directory, Maven
> deployment tool, command-line deployer tool, or console.  However, in
> most of those cases, the server must be running.
> > 3) Custom GBean hot deployment
> > Is it possible to deploy custom GBeans (such as HSQLDB launcher, custom
> > security realm, etc.) via hot deployment? Preferably, I'd like to package
> > the GBean into one file just like WAR or JAR (I guess CAR is for that
> > purpose?).
> Yes.  I don't think we support a JAR with embedded service deployment
> plan, I think you usually split up the JAR and deployment plan as in
> the formula above.  A CAR is not quite that -- as I understand it it
> contains a post-processed binary version of the configuration.  If we
> don't support a service JAR as such, we probably should.

Kenj Nakamura

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