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From "Kenji Nakamura" <>
Subject Custom GBeans deployment in 1.0
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 20:29:57 GMT

We've developed several custom GBeans on M5, and now considering to upgrade
to 1.0 release.
I came up with the following questions.

1) configID format changes
According to release note, configID convention has changed between M5 and
1.0 and refer to Wiki site, but I can't find the page mentioning about the
new configID and migration path. Where can I find the information?

2) Offline deployment
The custom GBeans are built in our Maven1.0 scripts, and deploy to Geronimo
with "--offline" option. I noticed the option was dropped, and the future
version will provide offline deployer, but what is the best way to deploy
our custom GBeans in the meanwhile? I tried to use packaging maven plugin
within our build system, but it seems to require the existence of maven
build environment AFAIK. I want to simply extract geronimo distirubution
package, deploy custom GBeans without launching the server, and then
re-package to ship.

3) Custom GBean hot deployment
Is it possible to deploy custom GBeans (such as HSQLDB launcher, custom
security realm, etc.) via hot deployment? Preferably, I'd like to package
the GBean into one file just like WAR or JAR (I guess CAR is for that

4) CAR file
Relating to 3), I'm interested in CAR format, but can't find the document
about it. Would you give me the pointer?

5) Future migration cost
Do you expect any major modification on custom GBean when upgrading to the
future version such as 1.1? If that's the case, I'll also consider the
option to skip to migrate to 1.0, and wait for another release.

Thanks in advance,

Kenj Nakamura

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