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From "Williams, Alex" <>
Subject Kereberos Security Realm
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 14:32:00 GMT

Has anyone successfully implemented a Kerberos Security Realm? I'm using
Geronimo 1.0, JDK 1.4.2 on Windows XP and would like to achieve single
sign on against the Windows KDC.

I have managed to get a standalone java example to work, but I'm a bit
lost when it comes to configuring a Security Realm in Geronimo. Do I
have to do any configuration outside of Geronimo - e.g. properties files
within the JVM installation?

Any tips or samples would be very gratefully received.

See below for what I've tried so far.


I've created a Security Realm in the Geronimo Console with the following

<configuration configId="SecurityRealm-my-kerberos-realm"
    <gbean name="my-kerberos-realm"
        <attribute name="realmName">my-kerberos-realm</attribute>
        <reference name="ServerInfo">
        <reference name="LoginService">
        <xml-reference name="LoginModuleConfiguration">
                <log:login-module control-flag="REQUIRED"
server-side="true" wrap-principals="false">
                    <log:option name="debug">true</log:option>
                    <log:option name="doNotPrompt">true</log:option>
                    <log:option name="useTicketCache">true</log:option>

I added the following to the web.xml for my app:
        <realm-name>This is not used for FORM login</realm-name>

And I added the following to geronimo-web.xml:

            <principal name="anonymous"
            <role role-name="admin">
                <principal name="administrators"
                <principal name="awilliams"

I have created /protected/index.htm, but I have NOT implemented
/login.jsp or /loginerror.jsp. I am logged into the windows domain as
"awilliams", so I expect SSO to work. It appears not to, since I get a
404 error saying that
/login.jsp does not exist.

I'd obviously like to get the SSO working through the Windows KDC. I
presume though that I need the login screens to fallback on. Down the
road, do I need an extra login module to authenticate against
ActiveDirectory if the SSO fails?

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