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From Mario Rübsam>
Subject Re: Restart Geronimo from within Servlet
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 16:53:21 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:
> If the restart code in the console does what you want, then you can
> execute the same logic from a servlet.  The best way would be to
> connect to the local server via JMX (which would require the
> administrator username and password).  You could also connect directly
> to the Geronimo kernel in the local JVM, though we're hoping to shift
> our classloader structure to move the Geronimo stuff out of the
> application classloader, so in a future release of Geronimo, you might
> need to manually specify classloader dependencies to get this approach
> to work.

I try to call the shutdown code like in the console. Is this the one
connected with Geronimo kernel or is this the JMX based shutdown?

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
 > Another option would be to use Java Service Wrapper to monitor Geronimo
 > and restart it when it shutdown.

If the JSW has such an option to monitor this would be great, because
this will resolve the problem of starting a new VM within a dying VM.
Because a complete restart is needed if Geronimo is updated.


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