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From Pablo <>
Subject geronimo and eclipse wtp
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 13:00:03 GMT
Hello everyone

I've been trying to use wtp plugin for eclipse to run my web application 
with no success so far.
wtp and Apache tomcat 5.5.x works fine however geronimo doesn't.

So I wanted to run the simplest possible web application on geronimo 
using wtp plugin.
Created a webapp with an index.html file.
Then I start the geronimo server (jetty) and when it's running I choose 
"Run on server" from index.html's context menu (from a tutorial).
Of course I choose geronimo and press finish. Unfortunatelly I got message:

    HTTP ERROR: 404

Not Found


/Powered by Jetty:// <>

Of course the server is working fine, I can log into console, deploy web 
applications and everything works fine. But not with wtp plugin.
When I create a war from this example web application and deploy it in 
geronimo using console then I index.html shows up so the appliacation 
works fine.

The question is, what am I doing wrong that I can't use geronimo in wtp 
eclipse plugin ?
When I try to use a web app in eclipse with geronimo, the project is not 
deployed in geronimo. There is no evidence of such project in the 
console in:
|--->Web App WARs

I'm using geronimo-1.0-jetty with wtp 1.0.1, eclipse 3.2m4


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