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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Remote EJB client apps
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 22:23:52 GMT

Here is how to get an initial context:
        Properties p = new Properties();
        p.put("java.naming.provider.url", "");
        InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext(p);
        BasicStatefulHome home = (BasicStatefulHome) 

And how to declare the JNDI name in the openejb-jar.xml DD:


Aaron Mulder wrote:

>Actually, application clients are the one thing that can use JNDI
>lookups to access EJBs (but not other components such as JMS or JDBC
>resources) -- that's what the jndi-name setting in openejb-jar.xml is
>used for.  If you have a J2EE application client (that runs in a
>client container) then you can still use java:comp/env for everything,
>but if you have a client that does not run in a client container then
>you need the InitialContext settings like you're talking about.
>Unfortunately, I don't have those settings off the top of my head -- I
>know it's been on the mailing list before though.
>   Aaron
>On 3/15/06, David Carew <> wrote:
>>By "Remote EJB client apps" I mean a standalone app running  a different
>>machine  from the Geronimo server accessing EJBs running on the Geronimo
>>What are the properties required for InitialContext for a remote EJB Client
>>doing a JNDI lookup ?
>>Besides the stubs specific to the EJBs I need to call, what jar files do I
>>need in the remote client JVMs classpath ?
>>I've seen in a few threads where it has been said that Geronimo doesn't have
>>a Global JNDI namespace. If I understand this correctly all JNDI lookups
>>(including those from remote EJB clients) must be done via java:comp/env. Is
>>that correct ?

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