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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: Configurint Geronimo to use DB2
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 16:53:57 GMT
Fran,  thank you for sharing your experience with us and I'm glad to
hear that your persistence has finally paid off.  We're especially
grateful for the feedback you have provided after having been through
the process now (the hard way).  For the problems you had with the db
wizard there is some hope that configuring a datasource which requires
multiple jars will be easier in the future when the following JIRA is
integrated (probably in the upcoming 1.1 release):

For the documentation I think you would agree that what's available is
valuable but some clarification might be in order  Your input would be
especially helpful here.  If you create an account on the wiki server
(click "sign up" in the top right corner, takes about 1 min) then you
can make changes directly to the page.  Or please feel free to send
your suggestions to the list and we'll incorporate them.

Best wishes,

On 3/23/06, Fran Varin <> wrote:
> First of all, I would like to thank all of those who took the time to respond
> to my post. Your input was very helpful and much appreciated.
> At this point I have been able to connect to a DB2 database! I think the
> issues were largely due to a learning curve with using Geronimo. I took a
> step back this morning and installed a copy of WAS-CE along side of my
> Geronimo installation. My rationale was that WAS-CE is based on Geronimo and
> perhaps the DB2 integration was streamlined somewhat. That proved to be an
> incorrect assumption on my part. I reviewed the article from my second link
> in this post again and upon this review with fresh eyes finally understood
> what was really the issue.
> Here was the process:
> 1) Copy the DB2 drivers to the "repository" directory within the server
> folder structure.
>     - I had to create the following "db2\jars" within the repository folder.
> 2) Rename the driver jars as described in the named tutorials
>     - Be sure to have the correct "license" jars, there are three (not all
> may be needed) and the DB2 doc describes the use of each
> 3) Start the server and launch the admin console.
> 4) Select database pool and configure according to the tutorial.
>     - In the case of using db2 connect its important to review the
> attributes necessary for connecting to that server.
>     - HERE IS WHERE I WENT WRONG...The database pool "wizard" is a tool that
> creates the deployment descriptor. For some reason this was lost on me and
> my understanding was that the descriptor needed to be created separately
> from using the wizard. I saw the wizard as an additional step in configuring
> the datasource.
>    - The tutorial indicates that the exception indicating that the missing
> license jar is "normal" and instructs you to select the "skip test and view"
> button. When you do that you are supposed to see the generated deployment
> descriptor xml. However, this facility seems to be broken...I sawa a blank
> edit box. So rather than copy that xml and edit it to add the dependencies
> (for the license jars), I used the xml directly from the sample and modified
> it to match the datasource connection I needed. This little "issue" with the
> wizard and the exception was what sent me down a bad road initially. It
> seemed we were running into some kind of license violation. It was not
> obvious that the license jars needed to be added manually to the descripor
> as dependencies.
>    - Next, I saved the deployment xml to the "bin" directory of the server
> and launced the deployment tool exactly as stated in the tutorial from the
> command line. Worked great...
>    - I then went back to the admin console and was able to see my datasource
> "running". Selecting edit I was able to view the definitions I had made and
> could possibly change them there.
> Whew...I'm calling this one done for now. Hopefully, that will get us over
> the hump.
> It seems that the wizard needs some work...documenation could be better as
> well. However, it is new and the learning experience was interesting.
> --
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