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From "johnxmas" <>
Subject Re: Re: Yet another ActivationSpec NotFound Problem
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 08:35:47 GMT


>> a) first, my ResourceAdapter is  started
>> b) then, my MDB is deployed. EndpointActivation() is called on the  
>> RA and it starts
>> a Work to handle the EIS messages (This work implements a  
>> ServerSocket)
>> All is right. But...
>> c) On the console appears the message "Redeploying  
>> scortJcaAdapter15.rar":
>> stop() is called on the RA. All resources are then deleted  
>> (including the ServerSocket)
>> and start() is called anew on the RA
>> When the EIS calls the RA, there is no more ServerSocket listening !
>> Why this redeployment of the adapter ?
>I have no idea!!  Can you tell us the exact sequence of operations  
>you use to make this happen?  I would start by trying to deploy your  
>rar and ejb app from the command line: I think it is more likely to  
>be reliable that deploying from the console.

a) I don't deploy from the console: the RA and the MDB EAR are  in the deploy directory and
deployed when Geronimo starts

The RA is deployed

Then the ear

09:06:15,198 INFO  [Hot Deployer] Deploying scortInboundMdbCustList.ear
09:06:23,417 INFO  [ServerSocketWork] ServerSocketWork@5a20 - on port 23072 - <s
    Deployed EARPlan

      `-> inboundCustListMdb.jar

Then the RA is stopped and redeployed
09:06:23,589 INFO  [Hot Deployer] Redeploying scortJcaAdapter15.rar

The console does not say anything about ear getting undeployed.

b) I tried deploying with nothing in the deploy directory, using the deploy tool (deployer.jar).
It does
work !!  I then stopped and restarted Geronimo, and it still works: no more redeploying of
the RA.
Great as last for my goals: I can go on with my tests.

Must I fill a JIRA for the problem when deploying from the deploy directory ?

>I haven't checked recently exactly how the relationships are set up  
>between the services involved, but I wonder if the reason nothing  
>works after the redeploy is that the mdb was stopped when the  
>resource adapter was stopped, and we don't restart dependent  
>components automatically.

BTW,  when an MDB is deployed before its Resource Adapter, it would be a good thing
to retry deploying it !



>Hope this helps,
>david jencks

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