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From "johnxmas" <>
Subject Re: Re: Yet another ActivationSpec NotFound Problem
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 15:18:50 GMT

First of all, thanks for your patience and your help. I found my problem: it was a typo in
ra.xml and MessageLisener was not the same in ra.xml and ejb-jar.xml ! Shame on me !

Alas, things continue not to function.

a) first, my ResourceAdapter is  started
b) then, my MDB is deployed. EndpointActivation() is called on the RA and it starts
a Work to handle the EIS messages (This work implements a ServerSocket)

All is right. But...

c) On the console appears the message "Redeploying scortJcaAdapter15.rar":
stop() is called on the RA. All resources are then deleted (including the ServerSocket)
and start() is called anew on the RA

When the EIS calls the RA, there is no more ServerSocket listening !

Why this redeployment of the adapter ? 


>I don't see what is wrong, everything looks correct to me.  I would  
>investigate by stepping through
>ConnectorModuleBuilder.getActivationSpecInfoMap in a debugger while  
>deploying the rar and
>ConnectorModuleBuilder.locateActivationSpecInfo while deploying the mdb.
>The first method puts the needed info about all the activation specs  
>into a gbean for later reference, and the second method retrieves it  
>when the mdb needs it.
>david jencks
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