On 1/31/06, Oscar Oreja <oscar.om@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello David,

  Thanks for your interest and help.

  All the modules are packed on the ear. There are an app.war and appEJB.jar files within appEAR.ear. There are web.xml and geronimo-web.xml in app.war WEB-INF folder. On appEJB.jar META-INF are ejb-jar.xml and openejb-jar.xml. I have added 2 files more: db-plan.xml and jms-plan.xml within appEAR.ear and, on folder META-INF, the application.xml file.

  When I deploy the ear file I'm using a app-plan.xml.

  This is an example of the web.xml ejb-ref and the ejb-jar.xml related definition.

         <remote>com.whitestone.chisel.framework.ejb.chiselgateway.ChiselGateway </remote>


      <ejb-class> com.whitestone.chisel.framework.ejb.chiselgateway.ChiselGatewayEJB</ejb-class>


  On the code, we use this to try to load the class from JNDI:

            Object objref = ic.lookup(jndiHomeName);
            Object obj = PortableRemoteObject.narrow (objref, className);
            home = (EJBHome)obj;

  The jndiHomeName is "ChiselGateway" on our application when we want to load the class above. We have tried to use too "java:comp/env/ChiselGateway" but it doesn't work.
  The home object is null allways. We added some code to show bindings but all it show is from the namespace "". There is nothing more.

  Any idea why is it failing?

  Thank you for your help.