On Feb 7, 2006, at 11:24 AM, Gary Karasiuk wrote:

I also was seeing what I suspect is a memory leak. The working set went up 3MB on every deploy.

BTW, Even a single WAR can be quite big. I've seen lots of customers with WARs > 100 MB. That is a lot of bytes to move, when you are only changing a couple of classes.

I deployed/undeployed DayTrader 100's of times and didn't see unbounded memory growth. There was bounded memory growth due to some ThreadLocal references that "temporarily" kept deployment artifacts alive. If you have something that's unbounded, easily reproducible, and sharable, I can take a look at it... It's possible that you have scenarios which werent' tested or new problems were introduced prior to release...


Ed R <brviking2000@yahoo.com.br> wrote:
I usually create a new WAR. When new WAR replaces old one, Geronimo unloads old WAR and load again the new one automatically.

But, I think there is some memory leak, because after 20 or 30 redeployments, I got about 600Mb RAM consumed by Geronimo. I didn't open a JIRA issue because I'm using JDK 1.5.0, and it's a not supported plataform.

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Gary Karasiuk <gkarasiuk@rogers.com> escreveu:
Is there a way to "hot deploy" changes to a running application?

For example if I wanted to change a couple of servlets (i.e. .class
files) in my war. And/or if I wanted to change a couple of jsp files.

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