I'm trying to do this in DB2 . I found an example of a deployment plan in Aaron Mulder's book but I don't recognize  this particular SQL dialect.

<key-generator> <sql-generator> <sql>select nextval('person_seq')</sql> <return-type>java.lang.Integer</return-type> </sql-generator>

Will the container use the contents of <sql> in the Values clause of an INSERT statement like this

e.g. insert into foo values (contents of <sql>,....)

or will it execute the contents of <sql> as a separate statement and expect it to return a single value of the appropriate type ? In DB2 this would be

 select (nextval for mysequence) from sysibm.sysdummy1

>From the example in the book I would guess the latter approach is what is expected but I just wanted to verify this.