In Eclipse you have to go to Window->Preferences->Server and then select Installed Runtimes. Add an instance of the Geronimo Runtime and then when you create your projects (EJB, Web etc) select the newly added runtime as the Target Runtime. This will automatically add the required J2EE classes to the project's build path.

On 2/22/06, Kristian Rink <> wrote:

Hi all,

not sure whether this is a stupid question, but reading across the
Geronimo docs hasn't yet helped me find what I'm looking for. Situation:
I'm trying to get started building a simple EJB application using
Eclipse 3.1, the recent Webtools plugin and Geronimo 1.0. Integrating
Geronimo into Eclipse works well, but whenever I try importing anything
from javax.ejb I'm just told that the package does not exist. Playing
around with the Eclipse project settings I added the openejb jars found
in GERONIMO_HOME/repository/openejb, but that didn't help much.

Am I missing something important? Do I have to download openejb or any
other libraries besides Geronimo to get things working with Eclipse?

TIA and best regards,

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