I used to "Export WAR" from Eclipse into $geronimo_home/deploy directory for "remote deployment". Just need access to folder (local or network). I think this should work for EAR, RAR and so on.


Lin Sun <linsun_unc@yahoo.com> escreveu:
Hi there,

I have tried the remote deployment via deploy.bat and it worked very well.

Now I am interested in remotely deploying my application within eclipse. Is this
supported? It is not obvious to me how to do it. I tried to define a new server, then
typed my remote geronimo server's host name as server host name, selected geronimo as the
server type and hit next. However, the next screen asked me for application server
install directory which I don't know what to enter for a remote server. I don't think
I can finish defining a new server if t he plugin cannot find the bin\server.jar file
(finish button is greyed out).

Thanks, Lin

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