I also was seeing what I suspect is a memory leak. The working set went up 3MB on every deploy.

BTW, Even a single WAR can be quite big. I've seen lots of customers with WARs > 100 MB. That is a lot of bytes to move, when you are only changing a couple of classes.

Ed R <brviking2000@yahoo.com.br> wrote:
I usually create a new WAR. When new WAR replaces old one, Geronimo unloads old WAR and load again the new one automatically.

But, I think there is some memory leak, because after 20 or 30 redeployments, I got about 600Mb RAM consumed by Geronimo. I didn't open a JIRA issue because I'm using JDK 1.5.0, and it's a not supported plataform.

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Gary Karasiuk <gkarasiuk@rogers.com> escreveu:
Is there a way to "hot deploy" changes to a running application?

For example if I wanted to change a couple of servlets (i.e. .class
files) in my war. And/or if I wanted to change a couple of jsp files.

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