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From Oliver Dauben <>
Subject Re: Eclipse 3.x <-> Geronimo 1.0 integration trouble
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 10:15:08 GMT
Sachin Patel <sppatel2@...> writes:

> - sachin
> 3.2x and WTP 1.5 is not yet supported.  The plugin has not yet  
> migrated to this driver.  But the above problem sounds like a WTP bug.
> Yes, if this element isn't specified deployment will fail.  This  
> technically should be fixed by openejb and this element should be  
> made optional.  As a work-around I will go ahead and implement  
> GERONIMODEVTOOLS-02, so in the stubbed out openejb plan this element  
> is included.

-- sachin,

thanks a lot for your fast reply on this issue. i understand that the
geronimo/eclipse plugin

a) does _not_ support eclipse 3.2 & WTP 1.5 at the moment
b) has been fixed to generate a schema- conform 'openejb.jar.xml' with 
   eclipse 3.1 & WTP 1.0 until the attributes are declared optional by the
   openejb team

as of jira, GERONIMODEVTOOLS-02 has already been closed per yesterday. i'll
fetch me a fresh plugin right now and check it out.



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